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Clubs & Cells

The college has a number of  clubs, cells and such other assemblies which help students and teachers to sharpen their abilities and to build capacities in various aspects life skills.

Nature Club

The Nature Club aims at inculcating an appreciation of nature among young people and motivating concern for the conservation of nature. The Nature club conducts a number of programmes to promote love of nature among the students and make them conscious of the various ways in which they can work effectively to preserve the eco- system. 

Eco Tourism Club

The EcoTourism Club aims at generating more attention on tourism and its advantages, creating awareness about the socio-economic relevance of tourism for the development of the state, promoting interest in travel which engenders national integration and exploring potential tourist spots in Kerala.

Women’s Cell

A Women’s Cell has been instituted as per the direction from the University. The cell concentrates its attention on studies regarding the suppressed status of women and measures for remedying it.

Entrepreneurship Development Club

To make students aware of the unlimited developmental potential of the state and to inculcate entrepreneurial culture in students, an Entrepreneurship Development Club is functioning in the college. This is in association with the Development of Industries and Commerce, Government of Kerala.

Brains Trust and Debating Club

The Brains Trust and Debating Club is a very active co-curricular organisation of the college. Its membership is restricted to limited students. The primary objective of the organisation is the all round development of the personality of the students so that they can provide effective leadership in all walks of life. It arranges debates and discussions on issues of regional, national and international significance and quiz competitions. It also provides training in public speaking, creative writing, competitive exams etc.

Career Guidance & Placement Cell

A Career Guidance & Placement Cell, affiliated to the University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau, University of Kerala is functioning in the college. Career guidance classes, coaching for competitive examinations and model group discussions and interviews are the regular programmes of the cell.

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