Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of Christian College, Chengannur is the reflection of its past, representation of its present and a link to its future. Christian College, Chengannur has an effective alumni network and is a significant stakeholder by making the alumni actively participate in the institution’s developmental activities. The association supports the institution and contributes to its institutional, academic and infrastructural development. Alumni have consistently given back to the institute and this has enabled the institute to undertake initiatives that would otherwise have not been possible.

The alumni association of Christian College is one of the biggest benefactors contributing towards various developmental activities of the institution. The association has undertaken charity work and was the main contributor during the recent Flood. The Amelioration Centre of Department of Economics was constructed with the financial assistance of the former students of the Department. The association was also the major contributor of Jubilee Main Block.

The Association has different chapters in various countries of the world – the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and US. Every year the chapters with the help of the institution identify the deserving and needy students and provide them with scholarships. The Kuwait Chapter was instrumental in constructing a house for one of the students of the institution. The Chapters have also financially supported the sports activities of the institution. The Association also conducts various cultural competitions and winners are awarded with cash prizes.

 Alumni get in touch with students and share their expertise and best practices in a given field.They also play an active role in voluntary programs like mentoring students in their areas of expertise. The College has a UNAI Chapter which was initiated by our alumnus Saji Thomas, working in United Nations. Alumni like Mr. Aby John, Forensic Department of Dubai, Late Adv. K.K.Ramachandran Nair (former M.L.A.), Mr. Saji Cherian, M.L.A., Mr. R. Rajesh, M.L.A. Sri. Ginu Zachariah, PSC Member, Dr. Rajoo Krishnan, Director of New Initiatives of Govt. of Kerala, have addressed the students during the last five years. Six of the teaching staff are former students of this institution.

Meetings of the association are held thrice a year. Every year on the Deepavali Day the association organizes an Annual Meet to bring all the alumni from the different parts of the world closer under the umbrella of Christian College. The association has conducted a Grand Meet named GURUVANDANAM to acknowledge the service rendered by the former teaching staff of the institution. This memorable meet provided nostalgic platform for strengthening the friendly relations of Alumni all over the world.